Boxing Fitness


Gents Boxing Club provides quality-Boxing programs that offer solutions no matter your goals. Located just off of Bell Road and the 101, Gents is quickly becoming Arizona’s Best Boxing & Fitness Club. We offer unlimited classes or an open gym format during all business hours.

An added benefit of training at Gents Boxing Club is our family environment. Our unique fitness and boxing programs for kids 8 and up will help your child learn skills from The Sweet Science as well as get extra training that can complement your child’s school sport programs. No one class is the same, every class is unique and designed to be most effective for the members not just an easy class for the instructor to teach. Come try Gents Boxing Club risk free! We do a month-to-month membership, with no contracts!


At Gents Boxing Club we place an emphasis on high-level Boxing technique and each member will receive instruction and training from professional Boxing fitness instructors. Our no-judgment approach offers a comfortable environment for all students and individual goals. Within weeks you will begin to experience weight loss, increased endurance, higher confidence, and generally feel better.

Boxing Fitness programs are one of the few “all-over” workouts available, strengthening and working numerous if not all muscle groups rather than spot training one area alone. Leading fitness experts have discovered that repetitive workouts and continuous looped movements are detrimental to achieving peak fitness levels. An hour of Boxing Fitness can produce more sweat and more calories burned than a continuous one hour run on the treadmill. The series of exercises are higher in intensity and provide variation in movement all in a comfortable and non-intimidating environment. Call Gents Boxing Club and get started today!